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DREVVFIT operates this website and sells its products under the Terms & Conditions as described below. We encourage you to read these Terms & Conditions along with our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy before continuing to browse and use the website or placing an order with us.

These Terms and Conditions apply to the website regardless of how you access it, which device or technology you use, or whether you use it at home or on a device anywhere else.


  • Cookies – A small text file that is placed on your computer’s hard drive. It stores information about your session on this website.
  • DREVVFIT – Our company’s name. More information below.
  • Personal Information – Any information about yourself that you provide us (name, email address, phone number etc.).
  • Product or Products – Any product that is offered for sale on the website.
  • Visitors – This refers to any person who visits and browses the website.
  • Users – This refers to anyone who visits or uses the website to make a purchase, browse or access other services.
  • We/Our/Us – This refers to DREVVFIT and any other registered names we might use.
  • Website – Refers to the DREVVFIT website or any other websites under any of our registered names.
  • You/Your – refers to you as a customer, user or visitor.


DREVVFIT is an brand of Drevlon LLC company registered in 25 N Market St, Fl 1, Jacksonville, Florida 32202, US, with the registered office located at 25 N Market St, Fl 1, Jacksonville, Florida 32202, US. This website is owned and operated by this company.

These Terms & Conditions will apply if you choose to shop and order products from DREVVFIT, access our website, services or applications etc.

If you have any questions regarding the company, our Privacy Policy or these Terms & Conditions, please get in touch with our customer care.


To shop at DREVVFIT, you must be at least 16 years of age or have an adult supervise the purchase. You must also have a debit or credit card, PayPal account etc. to make the payment at checkout. Or you must be authorized to use a parent or guardian’s credit/debit card to make your purchase.

General Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to any products you might purchase at DREVVFIT by placing online orders. You must read these terms and conditions before finalizing and processing your order. When you’re signing up or placing an order, the website will generate a prompt asking for your approval once more.

1.      Order Placement

DREVVFIT is an online sporting and activewear business, running its operations online. If you are an old visitor, you can log in with your DREVVFIT account or Amazon accounts.

If you’re making a new account, please be informed that you will be required to fill out some personal information. This information should be accurate, up to date, and true to your knowledge. You will also be asked to choose a password to protect your privacy.

You are responsible for keeping the password safe. In the case, your account is used without your notice or if you forget or lose the password, you will be held responsible and not the company. Any suspicious activity observed on your account will be reported and taken action against immediately.

If you don’t sign up and use the guest checkout option, the website may still retain some personal information.

2.      Payment and Order Acceptance

Once you have placed your order, you can proceed to check out. During the checkout process, you will have to enter payment details. We accept PayPal and debit and credit cards.

Once your payment has been transferred, you will also receive an email confirming your order. The email will contain a link to your cart on the website, where you can review your products and cancel anything within 30 days.

All orders will be and are subject to availability. In the case of the inventory shortage, we will update the website to show which products are out of stock.

Prices and Product Descriptions

DREVVFIT tries to ensure correct pricing along with accurate product and product description labelling. However, in case of any price or product description discrepancy caused due to oversight, we will make sure to notify you as soon as possible and give you the option of reconfirming or cancelling your order.

If your order passes through and we are unable to reach you, we will consider the order as cancelled and refund the amount in full.


DREVVFIT is an eCommerce store and sells its products to customers in the USA, Mexico and Canada. When you finalize your order, you will be given delivery options. Depending on which option you choose, you will be charged a specific amount and given an estimated delivery date and time.

We work with logistics partners to ensure proper and on-time delivery. However, we will not be responsible if there are any delays caused due to bad weather, unforeseen circumstances etc. DREVVFIT will try to keep you informed of your order’s status.

Also, all risk of damage or loss will pass on to you once the products are delivered. We will not be responsible or liable to replace a product if it sustains damage due to circumstances beyond our control.

Returns and Refunds

In the case you are dissatisfied with a product or received the wrong size, color etc., you have the right to return the product. We also understand that there might be times where you don’t necessarily like the item or don’t need it and want to a refund.

For the most part, if you manage to keep the product in its original condition. We accept refunds if the request is made within 30 days of the item being delivered to you. Your refund may take some time processing but we will keep you updated.

Any refund or return request after the deadlines will not be entertained. You will be sent back the item if you try to return it.

Original Condition

All clothing items should be in their original condition to be eligible for return or refund. Make sure you don’t use perfumes, lotions, makeup, cologne, deodorant, or anything that could potentially leave a mark on the clothes. You can try them on but be careful to not cause any physical damage nor remove the tags.

Your Information

Any personal information you provide us with is protected by our Privacy Policy. Please read it thoroughly as it explains why, how and where we may use your personal information along with how we protect it.

Anything else that you submit, which is not considered personal information, will be considered as non-confidential and non-proprietary. We have the right to use, copy and distribute it to third-parties.

We are also liable to disclose your identity if you break confidentiality on the website or a social media website. We also have the right to remove any content from your submissions as we see fit.

Intellectual Property

All information and content available on this website along with the software is DREVVFIT’s intellectual property. These rights are reserved and protected around the world.

No user or visitor is allowed to use, print, recreate, distribute or display our website for their personal use. They are also not allowed to use the logo or any other image or video content or trademark without our permission.


You are allowed to share the website’s link considering it is non-commercial and compliant with fair and legal use. It should also not be defamatory nor should it damage our reputation or take advantage of our position.


There might be occasions where you may want to lodge a complaint or get in touch with us. You can do that by contacting our customer care or contacting us through any of the following:


+1 (904) 717-3600

Right to Make Changes

DREVVFIT retains the right to make changes, remove, add, change or amend any part of these Terms & Conditions at any given time. We also reserve the right to vary our products or services along with any other parts of the service.

We suggest that you frequently revisit our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy to ensure that you are up to date with any changes.


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