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OML (OH MY LOVE) 5 Reasons to Fall in Love in O:live

Before, boys resorted to flowers, chocolates and dinner in a fabulous restaurant as part of their seduction strategies, to impress or make the girl fall at his feet, and during the dinner they'd take out the engagement ring expecting the much desired: yes I do.

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That's all good, we think it's beautiful, but in 2017 the technique, my dear cupids, is different. 

 Ok, impressing is always the aim, but we have to go further. The new way? O:live. “We are a boutique hotel with rooms designed for couples. They are very cozy, romantic and have a touch of seduction that you can appreciate in every detail”, commented Alexandra Santos and Yoryina Céspedes, part of the excellent #TeamOlive. That's why many couples choose our hotel for various reasons. Here are our Top 5:

  1. Coquito toast for happiness – Upon arrival, couples are received with a typical Puerto Rican drink, “Coquito”.  You can choose between coconut, pistachio or chocolate. The coconut not only represents the tropic, it has an exquisite taste and is often associated with joyful moments. So to begin your “O:live” experience nothing will be better than toasting to happiness and an unforgettable stay.
  2. Love & Bubbles – To continue with the objective of impressing, “Love & Bubbles” is all about that. In your room you'll find chocolates, a bottle of prosseco and a bed covered in rose petals. Do you want more romance? Well to continue with the Olivo, our official dog mascot also leaves 'cute' messages on the bed.
  3. Seductive Showers – Now we go from romantic to sexy, because several of our rooms have a transparent shower right in the middle, which is well though-out for couples. But if you wish to have an unusual shower, we have the ‘outdoor refreshing shower on the room's private veranda, under a roof, and others with a partial view of the lagoon.
  4. Sunset cocktail – Watching the sunset with your partner is almost a tradition, that's why we couldn't avoid offering this experience from our rooftop, with cocktail in hand, looking at the lagoon (and if a manatee peeks out, the experience will be even sweeter)
  5. Intimate dinner – Our “Sage Steak Loft” restaurant distinguishes itself due to its intimate dim light atmosphere, which resembles a candlelit dinner. It's ideal to end a pleasant day with a romantic and exquisite dinner prepared by the best chef: Mario Pagán.

Want to experience the goodies from our top 5 reasons? click here to stay 


*valid Sunday to Thursday from August 1st to Nov 30th, 2017*

By: Miss Olive